Syscom MR3000C 'Red Box'

The 'Red Box' may be used freestanding, or in a local or telemetered measurement network. Instruments and networks may also be accessed via the internet or cellular telephone links. Automatic alerting is available.
Power may be from a local AC supply, internal batteries or a DC power supply in a local network.

User-friendly, Windows-based, PC software includes: WINCOM for operation and VIEW2002 for data analysis.

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The MR3000C in SYSCOM's new rugged RED BOX is a compact vibration / motion measurement system. As such it meets all user expectations in a state-of-the-art device and thus is a highly reliable and efficient tool for many applications in :



MR3000c Datasheet (.pdf 1.7MB)

  • buildings

  • construction sites

  • tunneling

  • blasting monitoring

  • truck and rail traffic

  • industrial quality assurance

  • bridges

  • site evaluation

  • industrial vibrations


The MR3000C may be used either with its own onboard sensor or the following external units:

Velocity Sensor
conforms to DIN 45669 A3HV 315/1

The 130 dB dynamic range and the broad frequency range (1 to 315 Hz) fully cover the needs of the engineers in construction, blast, structural dynamics and industrial applications.

The rugged construcion of the MS2003+ is designed to withstand the rough outdoor use. Uniaxial and triaxial sensors are available in floor or wall mount configurations. Each axis of the MS2003+ is calibrated individually, and sensors are shipped with a calibration certificate.

The MS2003+ fully conrorms to DIN 45669 A3HV 315/1


Acceleration Sensor

The proven technology of silicon micro machined (MEMS) capacitive sensors has been further improved by optimizing the sensor structure. Integration of electronics into an application specific IC results in a small high precision accelerometer, which shows environmental, and reliability performance similar to integrated circuits.

This accelerometer, built as triaxial device, is ideally suited for strong motion instrumentation. The DC coupled output in combination with the very low short and long-term drift, flat frequency and phase response, and no hysteresis provides true engineering data that requires no post-processing.
         The MS2002+ capacitive MEMS accelerometer offers significant advantages over traditional FBA sensors. It's small dimensions, rugged construction and excellent reliability makes it especially suitable for unattended instruments, and for instrumentation of structures, such as nuclear power plants, dams, buildings and seismic alerting systems. The sensors are factory calibrated and require minimal maintenance and no re-calibration. They are equipped with a fully comprehensive self-test function.


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