Measurement, analysis and evaluation of vibration


MEDA systems are PC-based multi-channel data acquisition systems. Each system is equipped with Woelfel's powerful MEDA software for analysis, assessment and documentation of vibration measurements. MEDA systems are available for mobile trouble-shooting in machine diagnosis applications, for preventive and diagnostic human vibration measurements and for short- or long-term monitoring of structural vibrations.


All assessment methods are compliant with the relevant ISO and DIN standards. In addition, more than 50 mathematical functions are available. 


MEDA systems either use Woelfel brand or market-standard front ends. Standard systems are either available with 4 or 8 ICP or voltage channels (often complemented by a tachometric input and a digital input and ouput). 


Custom-designed systems can control up to 64 channels.



MEDA BlueStack – measuring channels in a pack of four

 - modular, compact and efficient -


MEDA BlueStack is a complete system to measure, analyze and evaluate vibration and noise. The software-supported and cascadable frontend enables reliable and exact (24 bit definition) data transfer. Due to a maximum sampling rate of 50 kHz or 100 kHz per channel, high measure tape gauges can be realized for acoustic use. Control, adjustment, evaluation and diagnosis are carried out by means of a notebook or a PC.

Each module possesses 4 analogue signal inputs and also trigger and revolution counter. Modules can be used individually for measuring tasks involving few channels, or combined up to maximum 16 measuring channels and 4 revolution counters. By this, you can achieve maximum flexibility, especially when different measuring tasks are carried out simultaneously at various measuring sites.


MEDA BlueStack offers various assessment procedures, e.g. results can be evaluated according to ISO 10816 or the user can determine his own limiting curves.




MEDA RedSens – modules comprising 3 measuring channels


MEDA RedSens is the only available WiFi-measuring-system with a 100% synchronicity for all attached channels. With up to 10 single modules, MEDA RedSens represents the new full set for measure­ment, analysis and evaluation of vibration, acoustics and building vibrations.


At the same time up to 10 single modules (knots), each with 3 axes can be used wirelessly: Sensor knots, each providing 3 external signal inputs and/or integrated triaxial acceleration sensors can be run simultaneously  (mixed operation).

In the open air test site ranges of 150 m can be reached. The system, which covers a band width up to 4 kHz, lends itself to every application in engineering, building vibrations and in the automobile industry.

With 24 bit resolution and 110 dB dynamics even the tiniest indicators can be captured. The possibility of preselection between two input ranges allows the optimal adaption of MEDA RedSens to a variety of applications.



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