CESVA Sound Level Loggers and Limiters



Sound level logger-limiters are today's best solution for problems related to noisy musical activities. We have the ideal product for each case: loggers, limiters, and frequency limiters. Our sound level logger-limiters allow you to control any musical activity and guarantee that the sound levels reached will never be high enough to disturb people in neighbouring buildings. In this way the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood is assured.

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LRF-05 Spec Sheet (.pdf 207kB)

LRF-04 Spec Sheet (.pdf 262kB)

LRS-03 Spec Sheet (.pdf 212kB)

LCA-02 Spec Sheet (.pdf 191kB)

RS-60 Spec Sheet (.pdf 189kB)

DL100 Spec Sheet (.pdf 60kB)



Frequency logger-limiter. Fully controllable through PC: programming, data download, enquiry of incidents and tampering of the sound chain. It controls the sound level in emission SPL and reception SPL (insulation). Continuous sensor verification system.




Frequency logger-limiter, data can be retrieved by LCD screen, printer, PC and modem. Control by the measured sound level in emission and calculated in reception through insulation. Continuous sensor verification system.



Logger-limiter that controls the whole sound chain, it registers sound levels and tampering of the sensor. The information can be retrieved by LCD and printer or downloaded to PC.




Logger-limiter for sound level control. Sound levels measured and registered, and all incidents displayed on the LCD and downloaded to PC.





Sound level logger with led indicator of sound limit exceeded, specially designed for machinery control, noisy activities (pubs, discos, etc.). Data download to PC. It can operate as a limiter by source cutting.





Luminous sound level display (dBA). It has huge digits (10 cm) so the information can be read easily in dim environments, also installable in indoor and outdoor environments.


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