Benstone Impaq 4 Channel Dynamic AnalyseImpaq is designed for those who need to perform advanced multi-channel sound and vibration measurements in the field. Unlike most PC-based analyzers that requires a power cord and a gateleg table to setup a test, Impaq integrates all the necessary subsystems into a compact, 1.15kg (2.54 lbs) metal housing. With Impaq, infield testing is straightforward and enjoyable.

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Equipped with the fastest commercially available DSP chip in the world (TI TMS320-6711), the Impaq can perform most analysis in real-time. One example is a real-time FFT analysis performed at 40 kHz with 12,800 lines of resolution.



Impaq Spec Sheet (.pdf 272kB)

        Powered by the MS Windows CE operating system, Impaq offers a very intuitive operation and user friendly navigation of menus. This powerful operating system supports Compact Flash memory and USB interface. The Impaq utilizes both of these features to provide unlimited storage and simple connectivity to your computer.
  • Powered by MS Windows CE

  • 4 channel real time analyzer

  • Color TFT LCD screen

  • The most compact 4 channel system

  • High quality aluminum housing, excellent EMI protection

  • Optional software for different application:
    FFT Spectral Analysis
    Rotor Dynamic Balancing
    Vibration Meter
    1/3 Octave Analysis
    Order Tracking Analysis
    Data Collector


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