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With a service unparalleled in the industry we pride ourselves on having an extensive stock for all your requirements so if you decide that purchase is not the most economical route for you then all our noise and vibration instrumentation can be hired cheaply directly from us.  Not only does this provide you with a cheap alternative to purchase but you have the confidence of knowing a full complement of engineers are at your disposal to assist with any monitoring problems you may have.

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            Noise Measurement Equipment - Larson Davis

812 / 820
Type 1 Integrating SLM.  For hand-held use or environmental measurements when used in conjunction with environmental kit.  Complete with microphone, preamplifier, windshield, download cable and software.

Type 1 Real Time Sound Level Meter/Real Time Analyser.  For hand-held use.
Complete with Real Time Octave and 1/3rd Octave Filters plus utility software for data down-load and report presentation.




        Environment Kit
Outdoor Microphone shroud.  Weather protection for 1/2” pre-amps on models 812, 820, 814, 824 & 870.  Includes tripod, hard case, windshield & bird spikes and microphone extension cable.

NN3 Night Nurse Kit
For use with model 812, 820, 824 or 870 Sound Level Meters - controller for Archos Jukebox MP3 recorder.  Includes environmental kit (microphone enclosure and hard case) and relevant accessories – Sound Level Meter not included.

        Vibration Measuring Equipment – Larson Davis & Syscom

Larson Davis Human Vibration Meter.  Designed specifically for the measurement of Hand Arm & Whole Body Vibration.  Implements relevant weighting curves.  Includes tri-axial transducer (for hand arm vibration measurements) & cable, hard case & accelerometer adaptors.  (Seat pad transducer not included).

Many of the “higher” end Larson Davis Instruments can be used for vibration measurements although most are configured to be general purpose instruments.  For longer term (more than 1 day/night) continuous vibration monitoring, typically for construction & blasting activities, we offer a range of dedicated vibration monitors complete with alarm &  printer etc.

Red Box
Syscon MR2002CE Red Box for Seismic and Civil Engineering applications is a rugged self contained system built specifically for this application and embodying the highest standards and the most modern technology it's the ultimate vibration monitoring system.




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