CESVA FP-120 Sound Pressure Source

The AP600 is comprised of a White and Pink noise generator and a power amplifier. The AP600 has been especially designed to generate the signal to be reproduced by the BP012.

The BP012 has 12 loudspeakers mounted on a dodecahedral housing. This ensures a complete omni-directional radiation diagram; that is to say, sound is radiated in a spherical distribution, as is required by the standards ISO 140 and ISO 3382.

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Thanks to its internal noise output and its external noise input the AP600 can be used as a noise generator + amplifier, just as a noise generator or just as an amplifier. It also allows you to insert supplementary signal processing equipment, such as equalizers or compresThe AP600 has an anticlip and thermal protection.

The forced ventilation cooling system of the AP600 is controlled by a microprocessor that turns off the fan for one minute after the signal reproduction is stopped. This is ideal for background noise measurements or reverberation time measurements in places where there is little noise. eration time measurements in places where there is little noise.



FP-120 Source Spec Sheet (.pdf 220kB)


The AP600 can be operated directly from its keyboard or via a PC using the software included. This communication with the PC can be cable or wireless.
The BP012 handles an electrical power of 600 W RMS developing 123 dB of sound power level in the third octave bands with centre frequency between 100 and 5,000 Hz. The loudspeaker has been designed to supply the maximum power for one hour.

To facilitate handling the BP012 has 5 rubber pads for floor mounting, 1 hoisting eye for aerial suspension and 2 grips for ergonomic handling. The BP012 is internally reinforced with an aluminium core that makes it robust and allows it to be adapted it for the TR012 tripod.

The BP012 is supplied with the amplifier connection cable CN012 and the carrying case (flightcase) FL012.



Supplied accessories

CN2US USB cable for the communication of the AP600 with a computer

SF600 Software for the remote control of AP600

FL012 Carrying case in rack format to transport the BP012. The FP012 has been designed as a trolley to make easy its mobility.

CN012 10 m loudspeaker cable with 4 pin speakon connector in the side connected to the BP012. The other connector is also a 4 pin speakon. Optionally, different cables to the standard can be supplied

Optional accessories

BT001 Bluetooth device (instrument) for Wireless communications with the PC

BT002 Bluetooth device (PC) for Wireless communications with the PC

TR012 Tripod to support the BP012, can have different heights: from 1 m to 2,5 m

TR014 Tripod for the model BP012 with wheels. Includes the accessory to carry out the fašades measurements AT002.

AT002 Accessory to carry out the fašade measurements for TR012 and TR014

BM012 Bag of cloth to transport the BP012


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