Larson Davis Model 831

It gives us a great deal of pleasure to announce the release of the Model 831, an advanced sound level meter/analyzer featuring a dynamic range of 120 dB, real-time 1/1, 1/3 octave frequency analysis, digital audio and voice recording with playback, internal memory to 2 GB and the most comprehensive data logging features available today.

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For unattended noise monitoring, its event-based logging routines process data on-board to provide time/date, duration, average and max/min sound levels, frequency spectra, time history records of selected sound levels and even digital sound recordings for each event.. Wind speed/direction, temperature and humidity can also be logged using external transducers. No more time wasted downloading and post-processing massive amounts of unprocessed sampled data.

For a close-up view of transient events, automatically log up to 51 user-selected parameters, acoustical and other, at time intervals as short as 20 milliseconds.

For attended measurements, ten customizable markers are available to annotate time history data

For industrial hygiene measurements simultaneously measure two noise doses with independent selection of parameters and noise exposure in Pa2h.

For optimum digital communication, the Model 831 provides not only a USB 2.0 peripheral full-speed port for communication with a PC, instrument control and downloading of data, but also a separate auxiliary connector for USB mass storage, cellular and dialup modems and communication with future devices. This feature permits implementation of advanced TCP/IP based digital communication; GPRS or Ethernet.

For remote instrument control, data analysis, graphics and report generation, utilizes our powerful DNA (Data, Navigation and Analysis) software.


Less sophisticated, yet delightfully practical, is the fact that you really can operate it using one hand, left or right, and easily read the backlit display, day or night. Plus, when used with a PC, the same USB cable used for instrument control and data download will provide instrument power and recharge the batteries.

A full line of accessories is available including software, sound level calibrators, outdoor microphones systems with electrostatic actuators, weatherproof enclosures for short and long-term monitoring and a variety of tripods and tilt-down poles.

Model 831 Main Characteristics:

Class 1 Precision Integrating Sound Level Meter with real-time 1/3 Octave Filters, classified as group X for the emission of, and susceptibility to, radio frequency fields.
120 MB standard data memory. 2 GB optional
High contrast 1/8th VGA LCD display with white LED backlight; sunlight readable
Icon-driven graphic user interface
Soft rubber backlit keys
Large dynamic range
Time weightings: Slow, Fast, Impulse,
Integration and Peak Frequency weightings: A, C, Z
1/1 and 1/3 octave frequency analysis available
Voice message annotation available, which includes headset
Ln statistics (L0.01 through L99.99 available)
831 Utility software available for setup, control and high speed data download with export to ExcelTM
Multi-tasking processor allows measuring while viewing data or transferring data
Data Secure Feature saves data to permanent memory every minute
AC/DC outputs to recorder
Long battery life; 12 hours continuous measurement
Multiple Language Support
Field-upgradable firmware: keeps instrument current with the latest measurement features via ROM disk upgrades
Two-year limited warranty




831 Spec Sheet (.pdf 188kB)

831 Reference Manual (.pdf 2,888kB)


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