Larson Davis Model 812/820 Sound Level Meters

(Superseded January 2015)

There exists a need to select an instrument that will do just what you need it to do. The 812 and 820 were designed with this in mind. For example, a consultant that works heavily in the industrial hygiene sector will greatly benefit from having the Model 812, a hand held data logging integrating sound level meter and a personal noise dosimeter. The Model 820 is the perfect environmental noise analyzer, maintaining all of the features of the 812 but with added memory, modem capability, daily and exceedence histories.

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  • Sound Level Measurements

  • Community Noise Assessment

  • Environmental Noise Monitoring

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Transportation Noise/Passby Measurement

  • Sonic boom/artillery fire measurements

  • Production Line Testing

  • Remote Outdoor Noise Monitoring (Model 820)



SLM Utilities (.exe 641kB)

812 SLM User Manual (.pdf 779kB)

820 SLM User Manual (.pdf 893kB)



The " condenser microphones used with our Models 812 and 820 allow for a wider dynamic range and greater level of accuracy. The Models 812 and 820 meet the IEC and ANSI requirements for Type 1, Precision Integrating Sound Level Meters.

Fundamental to each of these instruments is an integrating sound level meter. Each features true RMS and dual Peak detectors that operate simultaneously. Each has Slow, Fast, and Impulse detector rates. Each has A and C frequency weighting filters.



  • ANSI/IEC Type 1 integrating SLM

  • 110 dB dynamic range

  • Long Term logging capabilities: Interval and Time histories (812 only); Interval, Time, Daily and Event histories (820 only)

  • Statistics - user selectable Ln values: 4 in the 812, 6 in the 820

  • Slow, Fast and Impulse Detectors

  • True RMS with two separate Peak detectors

  • A & C weighting

  • " condenser microphone - extension cables up to 20 feet available

  • 64K bytes of memory (812) / 256 K bytes of memory (820)

  • AC/DC Output

  • RS-232 Interface

  • Remote communications via modem (820 only)




Communications & AC/DC Outputs

Also common to this family of meters is a serial digital interface for communication with a computer or direct connection to a printer. Each meter also features AC and DC outputs for transferring data to DAT or chart recorder during data acquisition. The analog output can be weighted (A or C) or unweighted, independent of how the data is acquired and stored within the instrument.

Dynamic Range

Each of these instruments has a unique 110dB dynamic range without the need for range switching thus removing the problems of missed critical data.


Measurements include instantaneous Sound Pressure Level, Lmin (rms), Lmax (rms), Lpeak and Unweighted Peak Levels, Ln (statistics), Leq, SEL, Time Weighted Average (TWA), and Taktmaximal 3 & 5. All of these parameters are measured simultaneously making this family very flexible in an extremely wide variety of applications.

Modem Capability (820)

The 820 can be connected to a modem for remote data acquisition from portable or permanent monitors. The modem control mode enables the 820 to automatically dial out upon a high level event or a low memory condition.




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